COVID-19 Statement 6

COVID-19 Statement #6

The Corinth School District recognizes the importance of your receiving clarity about the way grades will be assigned for work completed during this time of school closure for locally-assigned and Cambridge work, assessments, and projects.

We previously informed you that Cambridge International made the difficult decision not to administer the international paper-based examinations in the May/June 2020 series. All certificates from Cambridge International, including the Cambridge AICE Diploma, will be awarded to qualified candidates. Every entry for the May/June 2020 series will receive a grade, if they have fulfilled the requirements.

Cambridge wants to ensure the exam grades earned by the students recognizes their achievement levels as set by the rigorous Cambridge program standards. We will collaborate with Cambridge to ensure that exam grades are based on a range of evidence. Cambridge will provide schools with additional guidance and details on March 31, and we will share that information with you.

The Mississippi State Board of Education voted today to suspend key policies dealing with graduation, high school credits, end-of-course assessments, high school credits, and 3rd grade promotion requirements. The Corinth School District will revise related local policies and practices. Once we have completed these revisions we will provide this information to you. Students should complete all assignments, projects, and coursework assigned by teachers.

We appreciate the strong support received from parents, students, and the community about the instruction being provided. Corinth School District teachers and staff should be commended for their dedication and work in making this instruction possible.

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