CSD Hosts Warrior Olympics

On May 20, the Corinth School District hosted the second annual Warrior Olympics at the high school. This event is an Olympics-type experience consisting of fun, indoor and outdoor activities including track and field, football and basketball. With over 70 students participating, the whole day was memorable and exciting for everyone involved.  

Because the school district hasn’t been able to participate in the Mississippi Special Olympics in Tupelo the last several years because of COVID and scheduling, the teachers wanted to provide a version of the Olympics for their students. “We wanted to give our students a chance to experience that type of environment, fellowship, activities and fun with their peers,” said Melissa McAlister, a teacher at Corinth Elementary School. With that idea in mind, Warrior Olympics was created. 

The day began with an opening ceremony where all participating athletes ran through the inflatable high school football helmet with a spirit line of cheerleaders, the high school band and other students and family members. Each student in the spirit line held up a banner with one of the athletes’ names on it to show support.

Then, athletes participated in multiple stations and events throughout the day. Several Special Olympics events were included such as the 25m walk, 50m run and 100m run, football and tennis toss, basketball throw, soccer kick and standing jump. For Warrior Olympics, the teachers also included some extra events such as a beach ball toss, Just Dance station, tattoo station, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and hula hoop contest. “I loved seeing my son and other kids out having fun. I even discovered several things I didn't know my son could do,” said parent Kristy Gallardo.

With the age range of K-12, each activity station was adjusted to meet the needs of the athletes. “I loved the football toss,” said student Kahil Haynes. He especially loved that a high school student took the time to work with him to try and kick a field goal.

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without ice pops, popcorn, hamburgers and hot dogs. “My favorite part of Warrior Olympics was the snow cones and popcorn,” said student Camron Chaney.

At the end of the day, the participating athletes had a Pep Rally with the high school band and cheerleaders. Family members came to the gym to cheer their student on as they received an award for their participation and hard work. “It was a great day for all involved. The excitement and pride that the student athletes showed during the award ceremony can’t be described,” said Jay Walker, director of special programs.

Overall, Warrior Olympics was an eventful and unforgettable day for the athletes and their families. “The Warrior Olympics was a super event and the children that participated had a fantastic time. As Kourtney says, ‘best day ever.’ Thanks to all who helped, donated and planned this event,” said parent Jaye Smith.