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Pre-K Celebrates 10 Years

Pre-K Celebrates 10 Years
Laine Williams

During the week of January 23, the Corinth Alcorn Prentiss County Early Learning Collaborative, along with 35 other Mississippi collaboratives, will celebrate ten years of transformative, high-quality Pre-K in the state of Mississippi. 

“When the legislature passed the Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013, we knew it would significantly impact early childhood education in Mississippi. A decade later, we have evidence that shows why investing in high-quality state-funded Pre-K is the right move for making Mississippi first in education nationally,” stated Rachel Canter, Mississippi First’s Executive

The Corinth Alcorn Prentiss Early Learning Collaborative was in the first cohort of nine collaboratives across the state to be awarded funding in 2013. Ten years later, the program has expanded to 35 collaboratives.  

Over 26,000 four-year-old students have been served throughout the state over the last decade. Mississippi is one of five states ranked first in the nation for state Pre-K program quality. The state has invested $70.3 million in early learning collaboratives because statistics show that children in Pre-K programs are twice as likely to be ready for Kindergarten as the average Mississippi child. 

“The Early Learning Collaborative was designed to increase the Pre-K opportunities in the three counties,” said Dr. Lee Childress, superintendent of the Corinth School District. “I am proud of the Collaborative’s efforts and the work of the Corinth, Alcorn and Prentiss County School Districts in their commitment to Pre-K education.” 

On January 24, this milestone will be celebrated at the State Capitol with events including a proclamation from the Governor, recognition of Pre-K legislative leaders and a public art installation. The collaboratives will also conduct local art installations with butterflies, which represent transformation, growth and hope. 

The Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013 has made a lasting, positive impact on Mississippi’s future. 

Caption: Pre-K students at Corinth Elementary School participate in butterfly crafts to celebrate the upcoming milestone.